In reducing the rate of addiction, it is quintessential that there are some measures put in place to facilitate this.

If the rate of addiction is not properly checked, it can affect the health and wellness of the addicted individuals and those around them.

The following steps must be implemented to reducing the rate of addiction:

Acknowledgement: A whole lot of addicted individuals have issues with this aspect. There is no one who would typically want to accept that they have a problem, let alone an addiction problem.

So, when they are posed with such questions, all they would do is to deny it. This is not effective in reducing the rate of addiction because they are not willing.

If individuals who are addicted can accept that they have an addiction problem, it would aid them in getting better because it changes their approach to their problem.

Evaluation: Typically, this is the next step after acknowledging that you are addicted. This is the point where the counselor conducts series of assessments on you.

This is important because the counselor wants to know the root cause of your addiction. He or she needs it to draw a treatment schedule that you would use later on.

During the evaluation stage, patients are advised to answer questions in all honesty, so that the counselor would be well assisted.

Admission: This is the phase where addicted individuals are admitted fully into a rehab program.

During this phase, it is either they are taken into an outpatient or inpatient program, depending on the severity of their addiction.

During this admission phase, there are a couple of programs that they would be required to take part in. They might not necessarily participate in all, but some of them are integral to the recovery process.

Recovery: This is the final step in reducing the rate of addiction. During the recovery phase, it is necessary that there is an aftercare program in place that would cater for the needs of individuals who have recovered from addiction.


One of the best measures that a country can put in place, is to strengthen the place of her healthcare research.

Particularly when it comes to the addiction problem that every country is battling, treatment research has to be top-notch in every country.

A country that pays much attention to the addiction problem in the country would put measures in place to reduce it at all costs.

Bearing in mind that there are fundamental ways to tackle addiction problem, a country can build on these methods to fight off addiction.

Addiction poses lots of threats to a country. If you look closely at statistics and data, you will realize that addiction is responsible for some of the deaths that occur within a country.

For instance, you will be surprised to see that these deaths were caused by individuals who were intoxicated.

The same applies to crimes within a country or state. They are usually perpetrated by people who indulge in addiction, especially substance addiction.

This is usually a huge burden that each country has to struggle to put off.

Once there is an effective addiction treatment research in place, it would be easy to fight off addiction.

To start with, it is essential that each country sensitizes its citizens on the ills of addiction and why they should get treated if they are addicted.

The fact is, some people are addicted but they are not aware of this. To them, it is just a behavior or an act that they like indulging in.

They derive pleasure from it, so they would rather not call it an addiction. It is just an activity they love to do in their pastime.

The moment people accept the fact that they are addicted, it becomes easier for them to be receptive to receiving treatment.

To wrap it up, having an effective addiction treatment in place makes it easier for proficient and top-notch treatment structures to be put in place.