Health tips for a recovering addict

Addiction is a disease largely caused by an unhealthy lifestyle or unhealthy habits. Additionally, when an individual is addicted, they are likely to continue practicing those habits because it helps to fuel their addiction.

When an individual is recovering from addiction, unlearning some of these unhealthy habits and adopting new ones is quintessential to helping them stay on track.

Here are some health tips for recovering addicts to imbibe

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Taking a nutritious diet

One of the core principles of a quick and healthy recovery is eating a nutritious diet. Addicts need to pay good attention to what they eat if they want their recovery process to be smooth. When addiction is in the picture, metabolism slows down and hampers organ function.

In the long run, some damage can be done to the brain, heart, and other organs in the body. However, with a healthy diet, you can reverse some of these damages.

Working out

Another way to boost the recovery of an addict is for them to exercise regularly. Exercise comes with several benefits like stress management, improved sleep, and better blood circulation.

In the long run, exercise can make your mood better, and improve your overall dose of energy. It is advised to engage in workout sessions for a minimum of 30 minutes each day.

Get a stable support system

Having a support system is beneficial for recovering addicts. This ensures that they belong to a group that holds them accountable for their actions and inactions. They can be motivated or encouraged to get better over time.

Create time for relaxation

Recovering addicts need to ensure that they don’t spend all their time working, and leaving out little time to rest.

When you relax, you are helping your body and mind to heal mentally and psychologically. This will help you to be more productive the next time you want to work.

There are many ways to relax. You can go on a vacation and unplug from every distraction. You can also set a few days aside to remain at home and focus on yourself.

How family and friends can care for their addicted loved ones

If you have a loved one who is struggling with addiction, one of your goals should be to help them.

This does not ignore the fact that family and friends are directly and indirectly affected by their loved ones’ addiction. And there is a tendency for them to give their addicted loved one a distance due to several reasons best known to them.

Family and friends need to care for their addicted loved ones so that they can join hands to nurse them back to sobriety.

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Here are some ways to achieve this:

Learn about addiction

If someone is struggling with a health condition, it would be almost impossible to help them if you don’t know what they are facing.

Learning about addiction helps you understand what they are going through so that you can become more empathetic to their plight.

This also means that you will be more interested in attending group and family sessions that are targeted toward helping them get better.

Show your love and concern

When your loved one is struggling with addiction, you need to continually remind them that you love and care for them. Do not be aggressive when you are relating with them because they might be forced to distance themselves. Rather, use uplifting words that will motivate and make them feel better.

Don’t expect too much from them

If you keep expecting too much from them, you might get disappointed. Understand that addiction is a gradual process that must not be rushed. You need to be patient with them so that you will get the best out of their recovery period.

Organize family and friends hangout

It is important not to leave your addicted loved ones left out when you are planning a family or friend gathering. This will make them feel part of the fold, and they will be encouraged to recover better and faster.

When you leave them out, you are giving them the impression that you don’t want them in your midst again.

Reasons why you should help your addicted loved ones

Our loved ones are basically our family and friends and if any of them are addicted, our challenging moments is helping them conquer addiction. Most times, we are confused on what to do, and this is because we are not armed with the right dose of knowledge.

It is difficult to decide to help someone who is addicted. However, if you are ready to show support, care and love, your loved one would have a better chance at becoming sober soonest.

When you set out to help your addicted family or friends, one of the difficulties you would face is having them agree to their addicted. Several addicted individuals do not like admitting to their addiction and this is why it is hard for them to defeat addiction.

If you do not help your addicted loved one acknowledge their addiction, they could be stuck in that web for a long time. Hence, when you are helping them acknowledge their addiction, you need to be diplomatic about it.

It is vital you do not criticize them or blame them for their addiction. Rather, do it in a loving way that would motivate them to be bold about conquering their addiction. When you speak with them lovingly, you are one step closer to helping them conquer their addiction.

Another reason to help your addicted loved ones is because of the danger they are doing to themselves. People who are addicted sometimes do not know they are damaging their health, but it would be obvious to their loved ones.

Hence, when you realize that things are looking risky and awkward for your loved ones, you need to act swiftly than ever. When your loved ones get in for treatment, they need the best of care and support they can get, and this is where you have a pivotal role to play.

To wrap it up, you must be willing to see your loved ones through right from the start to the end.  

Health measures for an addiction-free lifestyle

Looking forward to a lifestyle devoid of addiction? It is crucial for you to implement some health measures that can facilitate this. Several people are not aware that the state of your health is one of the primary factors that determines addiction.  

Here are some health measures that ensures an addiction-free life.

Eat a balanced diet

Generally, we don’t pay attention to what we eat every single time and one of the reasons is our routines and lifestyles. Someone who has to go to the office early in the morning would not pay much attention to their breakfast, as they would rely on junks for energy.

The best way to work around this is to eat a balanced diet when you have spare time. Junks and processed foods do not have ample nutritional value. Hence, it is better to prepare your meals yourself and eat more natural foods.

Take enough water

It is important to note that water is needed for our bodies to function properly. Our bodily functions are facilitated by water including common known functions like waste removal, nutrients transportation etc.

In addition, our daily activities allows us excrete water in different forms, so it is only ideal that we take enough water to replace the waste.

Sleep well

People who do not sleep well usually complain of fatigue. Similarly, it is usually challenging for them to handle stressors which is one of the primary addiction causes. On the average, it is advisable to sleep between 7-8 hours every day.

Be positive

Remaining positive is one of the profound ways to secure your mental remain health and remain addiction free. It is important for you to repel negative thoughts in order for you to happy. People who sink into depression are likely to be addicted because they will rely on substances or behaviors to help them pull through.

Asides the health measures listed in this piece, it is important to see your healthcare provider to learn more on how to live healthily and keep addiction at bay.

Signs of addiction in an individual

Sometimes, one of the most difficult things to recognize, is an addicted person. Addiction is a chronic disease that affects the brain resulting in a compulsive and obsessive behavior.

Addiction is a destructive feature that is difficult to spot, yet, if you are observant enough, you can know if someone is addicted.  

Generally, there are two categories of addiction: Substance addiction and Behavioral addiction. Substance addiction refers to addiction to drugs and alcohol while Behavioral addiction is addiction to compulsive and obsessive behaviors.

Below are the signs of addiction in an individual

Change in eating patterns

When people are addicted, there is an obvious change in their eating patterns, and this is common in those addicted to substances.

For people who follow a routine diet, they might start skipping meals when they are addicted. Sometimes, they might not eat for a while, or they can eat much food at once.

During this phase, it would be difficult to precisely state how their eating routine is, thus indicating they could be addicted.

Change in sleeping patterns

Someone who has an addicted lifestyle would not have a stable sleeping pattern. A good number of times, they will be battling insomnia. Other times, they would sleep excessively. When you start observing these signs in someone, they could be addicted.

Crave for isolation

People who are addicted prefer to stay all by themselves rather than with others. One of the primary reasons is because they want to carry out their addictive habit. Another reason is because addiction makes you want to keep to yourself for no plain reason. This is why people become depressed if care is not taken.

Inability to handle regular activities

Addiction has the capacity to make you lose your proficiency. For instance, people who are students would find it challenging to read effectively or attend classes because of their addiction. In other cases, some of them would forget to pay bills and they will miss out on essential responsibilities.

With these examples and many more, it is a strong indication that addiction is in play.

The importance of seeking quality addiction treatment

Currently, there are emerging trends in technology that has positively impacted various aspects of our lives. And this is not limited to healthcare of which addiction is an integral part of.

Quality healthcare is a systematic approach by a healthcare organization that assesses, monitors and seeks to advance the standards of top-notch healthcare.

In the treatment of addiction, people need quality addiction treatment to get better. However, the challenge several people face is, it is challenging to get access to this quality addiction treatment.

Addiction is a compulsive brain disorder that is difficult to overcome. Although with quality healthcare, it is easy to defeat addiction.

One of the primary essence of seeking quality addiction treatment is health assurance. When you opt for treatment at a reputable rehab, you are certain that your health would be in a good shape. Not all rehabs have the necessary facilities to sustain your health during treatment.

In fact, one of the reasons why people relapse is because the conditions under which they received addiction treatment was not top-notch. Hence, if you are addicted and you desire quality health treatment, you need to go to a reputable rehab for treatment.

Also, another importance of seeking quality addiction treatment is you get to begin a new healthy lifestyle. During rehab, you will be exposed to healthy life practices and habits that are targeted at giving you a healthy shot at life.

Usually, people who go to a reputable rehab do not remain the same after treatment. Their habits and other essential aspects of their life changes.

On the other hand, an addicted individual who does not seek quality addiction treatment stands the chance of relapsing. Even though every genuinely treated person can relapse, a quality treatment center greatly reduces your chances.

To wrap it up, seeking quality addiction treatment keeps addiction at bay, and it gives your life a whole new better perspective.  


In reducing the rate of addiction, it is quintessential that there are some measures put in place to facilitate this.

If the rate of addiction is not properly checked, it can affect the health and wellness of the addicted individuals and those around them.

The following steps must be implemented to reducing the rate of addiction:

Acknowledgement: A whole lot of addicted individuals have issues with this aspect. There is no one who would typically want to accept that they have a problem, let alone an addiction problem.

So, when they are posed with such questions, all they would do is to deny it. This is not effective in reducing the rate of addiction because they are not willing.

If individuals who are addicted can accept that they have an addiction problem, it would aid them in getting better because it changes their approach to their problem.

Evaluation: Typically, this is the next step after acknowledging that you are addicted. This is the point where the counselor conducts series of assessments on you.

This is important because the counselor wants to know the root cause of your addiction. He or she needs it to draw a treatment schedule that you would use later on.

During the evaluation stage, patients are advised to answer questions in all honesty, so that the counselor would be well assisted.

Admission: This is the phase where addicted individuals are admitted fully into a rehab program.

During this phase, it is either they are taken into an outpatient or inpatient program, depending on the severity of their addiction.

During this admission phase, there are a couple of programs that they would be required to take part in. They might not necessarily participate in all, but some of them are integral to the recovery process.

Recovery: This is the final step in reducing the rate of addiction. During the recovery phase, it is necessary that there is an aftercare program in place that would cater for the needs of individuals who have recovered from addiction.


One of the best measures that a country can put in place, is to strengthen the place of her healthcare research.

Particularly when it comes to the addiction problem that every country is battling, treatment research has to be top-notch in every country.

A country that pays much attention to the addiction problem in the country would put measures in place to reduce it at all costs.

Bearing in mind that there are fundamental ways to tackle addiction problem, a country can build on these methods to fight off addiction.

Addiction poses lots of threats to a country. If you look closely at statistics and data, you will realize that addiction is responsible for some of the deaths that occur within a country.

For instance, you will be surprised to see that these deaths were caused by individuals who were intoxicated.

The same applies to crimes within a country or state. They are usually perpetrated by people who indulge in addiction, especially substance addiction.

This is usually a huge burden that each country has to struggle to put off.

Once there is an effective addiction treatment research in place, it would be easy to fight off addiction.

To start with, it is essential that each country sensitizes its citizens on the ills of addiction and why they should get treated if they are addicted.

The fact is, some people are addicted but they are not aware of this. To them, it is just a behavior or an act that they like indulging in.

They derive pleasure from it, so they would rather not call it an addiction. It is just an activity they love to do in their pastime.

The moment people accept the fact that they are addicted, it becomes easier for them to be receptive to receiving treatment.

To wrap it up, having an effective addiction treatment in place makes it easier for proficient and top-notch treatment structures to be put in place.